Stephen Colbert Joins Alicia Keys In A Connecticut 'Empire State of Mind'

Stephen Colbert Joins Alicia Keys In A Connecticut ‘Empire State of Mind’

306-People_Stephen_Colbert.sff.embedded.prod_affiliate.56Stephen Colbert has been known for many impressive stunts since his show debuted, including shaving his head on a trip for the troops in Iraq, hosting a star-studded Christmas Special, and declaring war on Glenn Beck. He’s recently outdone himself once again by joining pop superstar Alicia Keys in a suburban Connecticut version of “Empire State of Mind (Part II).”

The song has been in the top 10 charts for months now, and is a love letter to New York City by both Keys and Jay Z. Colbert takes on the Jay Z part, with his own suburban spin, in last night’s episode.

The original song (not this version) is currently available on Alicia Keys’ new album, The Element of Freedom, which is currently available at iTunes and other music retailers. Check out the video from last night’s Colbert Report after the jump.

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Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
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