The 'LOST' Underground Art Show Hits L.A.

The ‘LOST’ Underground Art Show Hits L.A.

6a00d83451d69069e20120a75da18c970b-800wiWith the birth of fan fiction and pop art many years ago, the mainstream world was introduced to the artistic side of fandom. There have been plenty of unoriginal outlets for this medium, but with those also come some incredible (or incredibly odd) pieces of work.

Now that ABC’s LOST is going into it’s 6th and final season, artistic fans everywhere (or in this case, the greater Los Angeles area) are stepping up to contribute to The LOST Underground Art Show. The exhibit is currently running until Thursday night in downtown LA’s Gallery 1988, and you can even purchase some of the art from the exhibitors’ website, Damon, Carlton, And A Polar

The art varies from pop-like canvas style to physical models and figures (such as the Dharma polar bear). Check out a bunch of the pieces after the jump, and check out the full list of work at their website. Definitely worth it for a fan of the show.