Female Lead For 'Green Lantern' Down To Five Potentials

Female Lead For ‘Green Lantern’ Down To Five Potentials


Latino Review has an exclusive look at who might be Carol Ferris, the lucky lady that doesn’t get the ring from Ryan Reynold’s “Hal Jordan” in the upcoming Green Lantern film from DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.

Ferris has been described as “the daughter of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris. She works for her dad’s company FERRIS AIR, got an MBA, and has a lifetime crush on Hal Jordan.” The website seems to believe that the role comes down to the following five actresses: Eva Green, Keri Russell, Diane Kruger, Blake Lively or Jennifer Garner.

Each of these actresses has had a taste of the action genre (if not a comic book film or two, in Garner’s case) except for Blake Lively. Being from the TV show Gossip Girl and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films, she might be a good choice as there’s no stigma already attached to her in “geek culture.” Considering the role that Ferris has played in the actual DC Universe, she’s even been a super-being herself, named “Star Sapphire”, and usually winds up in battle opposing Green Lantern.

Both Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) and Russell (Felicity), have handled an action scene or two in the National Treasure films and Mission Impossible III, respectively. Green, who might seem to have a leg up on the others, has worked with director Martin Campbell on the James Bond reboot film, Casino Royale. Garner, who has played ‘Elektra’ in both the Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck, and in the spin-off sharing character’s name, has the most experience in the genre.

Latino Review seems to think Kruger will get the role because of the streak she’s had with Basterds and becoming the new spokesperson for L’Oreal. Also Keri Russell is high up on the list, as they are both the same age as their potential on-screen romantic interest, Ryan Reynolds. I have to disagree with that, as usually Hollywood will tend to skew younger for the love interest. Which is another reason I can see this going in the direction of Blake Lively.

As most is just speculation at this point, we’ll find out soon enough, as the movie is scheduled to go into production in New Orleans in January.