NBC's 'Heroes' Is Most-Pirated Show of 2009

NBC’s ‘Heroes’ Is Most-Pirated Show of 2009

heroes-mohinder-peter-volume-4While most of the “best of 2009” lists are petering off in the new year, there are still a few statistics still rolling in. One being the most-illegally-downloaded TV program of the year, which also happens to be one of the least popular. NBC’s Heroes has been on the bubble since last year, which is why the network only ordered half of a season for this year, and will be spreading the episodes out until Spring sweeps.

With that in mind, it would be considered that fans wouldn’t be rushing to their torrent sites or DVD stores to catch up on the super-powered drama, seeing as how they didn’t give it enough of a chance when it was on the air in the past. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s just what they’re doing.

“This year, the buzz is that the show may be on the verge of cancellation thanks to dwindling ratings (it averages about 6 million viewers a week, down from nearly 14 million when the show first premiered in 2006).

But “Heroes’ continues to be a juggernaut in online piracy.¬†According to Torrentfreak, “Heroes” was downloaded 6.58 million times in 2009, topping the year’s most-pirated list.”

Other shows on the list include ABC’s Lost & Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, True Blood, and Fox taking the lead with The Sarah Conner Chronicles (Canceled) House & 24. For the most part, those other shows are doing fine in the ratings, and it only seems to be Heroes that’s showing significant loss in viewership.