Sony Gives Away In Theater Movie Free on Playstation Store

ArmoredHave you been anxiously awaiting the release of Armored in theaters? No. We didn’t think so. But did you say to yourself that you might check it out if it was free or when it came to cable? That one is a little more likely. Well for some people this past week, those wishes came true a little early when Armored, which is still in theaters and hasn’t been put on to DVD, On Demand or any streaming service appeared on the Playstation Store. And to sweeten the deal, they put it up for free.

Even though it was corrected in a matter of hours, a currently unreleased number of Playstation users had already downloaded the file which they can now enjoy on their Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable. Currently, there is no solution from Sony’s end to delete or lock those files which means those users own it for life, or at least until they get bored and delete it.

Since its Dec. 4th release, Armored has pulled in a lowly $11,750,895 domestic box office, barely overtaking the amount of money the characters in the movie are hoping to rob from the armored truck they are trying to rob.

Now if only they could screw up and pre-release movies people actually want to see…

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