First Trailer for 'The A-Team' Shows Up Online

First Trailer for ‘The A-Team’ Shows Up Online


As they say out in the world, get it while its hot. This brand new trailer for Joe Carahan’s upcoming reboot of The A-Team can’t last long so be sure to check it out after the jump. In case you’re not familiar, the film features Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and “Rampage” Jackson as a team of mercenaries convicted of a crime they didn’t commit who now fight for the little guy (or girl) while hiding out in the Los Angeles underground.

We really love this cast, although Rampage Jackson seems to not have much of a sense of humor — much like his character should probably be. The trailer also features a voiceover narration nearly identical to the TV show’s (which is pretty cool), and the action is what you’d expect until the end when it kinda goes too far when a parachuting tank shoots down an airplane. Hey, that could happen, right? But all is pretty much saved, at least for me, with the tag line “There is no plan B.” Nice.

Anyway, check it out and judge for yourself. But hurry.

Update: As we said, the video went fast and is now gone. Look for the “official” one to be released shortly.

Update 2: And now the trailer is “officially” out and if you click through you can see it.