What You Missed: 'Mercy' and 'SVU' Return Plus Previews of Next Week's Shows

What You Missed: ‘Mercy’ and ‘SVU’ Return Plus Previews of Next Week’s Shows

NUP_134696_0208We’ve been following NBC’s freshmen drama Mercy a bit here at the site and so far, it seems to be doing pretty well and has not been canceled — at least so far. With an interesting premise and a cast that includes relative newcomer Taylor Shilling and Buffy alum Michelle Trachtenberg, the show continues to be one of the surprises of the season and will hopefully last until season two.

In contrast to Mercy, Law & Order: SVU is not a freshmen show and is still going strong after several seasons. Both shows returned to the air this week after the holiday break. In case you missed the premiere of these shows, or even if you saw them and still want to relive the magic, we’ve got lots of video for you today — courtesy of our pals at NBC.

In addition to the recaps, we’ve also got previews of upcoming episodes of both shows featuring guest appearances by The Soprano‘s Michael Imperioli, Lost‘s Naveen Andrews and Studio 60‘s Sarah Paulson.

Check out all the clips and interviews from both shows after the break.

Veronica’s life takes a turn.

I Saw This Pig and I Thought of You
Does Mike have a new lady?

Next On: Make a Play
The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli guest stars. New Mercy, Wednesday 8/7c.


Scenes from last night’s episode “Quickie.”

Preview: On Your Knees
Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson guest star on an all-new SVU, next Wednesday 9/8c.

Preview: Working Together
The detectives work with guest star Naveen Andrews to catch a murder suspect played by Sarah Paulson.

Interviews: Stars on Stars
Check out interviews with Christopher Meloni and Ice-T to get the inside scoop about guest stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson on “Shadow.”

Interviews: Watch Guest Stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson
Take a peek from the upcoming episode “Shadow” with guest stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson.

Interviews: Interview with Sarah Paulson
Watch an interview with SVU guest star, Sarah Paulson, talk about her character and more!