First 'Blood Bowl' Announcement Trailer and Screen Shots

First ‘Blood Bowl’ Announcement Trailer and Screen Shots

Blood Bowl Xbox 360 Box ArtEvery geek has at one point wandered through their local comics or gaming store and come across the miniatures gaming section. Some stores merely carry a few items while others have full sections dedicated to Mechwarrior, Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy. One game that has made its way back on and off the store shelves over the years has also been Blood Bowl.

A mix of American football, rugby and the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Blood Bowl sets teams of miniature figures against each other to score touchdowns or beat the opposing team in to oblivion. After numerous ups and downs in the game’s development it looks like the over the top fantasy football “simulation” will be coming to video game consoles with SouthPeak Games’ Bloodbowl. Retail Windows PC and XBox 360 versions of the game are set for release this month with a PSP version of the game coming in the spring.

From SouthPeak Games Press Release: “Just in time for the human football season’s end, SouthPeak is here to offer a less than traditional spin on classic football. With a rich heritage of table-top gaming, Blood Bowl is poised to tear your Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PSP system a new end zone.

With turn-based gameplay and each play teetering on the roll of the dice, Blood Bowl will keep you on the edge of your seat from kickoff to final score. Inspired by the infamous Warhammer series, Blood Bowl brings some of the most vicious gameplay, dirty tricks and lest we forget – secret weapons – to the field in an all new way.”

Take a look below at some of the screens and trailer for the upcoming game and stay tuned to The Flickcast for more information as it comes.