Four Clips From This Week's 'Community'

Four Clips From This Week’s ‘Community’

NUP_138039_0057Much like the rest of the college youth, Community makes it’s return to school this week, starting up the Spring semester with new stories, new laughs, and even new faces. Kicking off the second half of this season, guest star Jack Black will be stopping by to play. . . Jack Black?

Well, not really. Black is playing Buddy, a fellow classmate of the Spanish study group’s. This character breaks into song at random times, skats, and jumps around impishly, which is the exact opposite of the Jack Black we’ve come to know. In the episode, Buddy tries to join in on the study group, seeing all the fun they have, buy ends up causing more harm than help.

It’s not that outrageous that Black would guest star on an NBC sitcom. Not only did he have a quirky cameo in an episode of The Office, but he’s also good friends with show creator Dan Harmon. Black and Harmon worked on previous projects such as Laser Fart and Heat Vision and Jack, the latter of which being a failed Ben Stiller pilot about a man and his talking motorcycle.

Check out the clips after the jump, and be sure to catch this week’s new Community on NBC this Thursday at 8pm Eastern.

  • Angela Varney
    January 14, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    Although I love the cast of Community, I particularly loved tonight’s episode. Jack Black was a great addition to the show, and Owen Wilson was like the icing on the cake. Owen is just so wonderful, and I love to watch anything that he is on!! Hey, Chevy Chase is dreamy too!!!