Conan O'Brien Puts 'The Tonight Show' On Craig's List

Conan O’Brien Puts ‘The Tonight Show’ On Craig’s List

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With the newest Late Night War firing up between NBC’s own Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, it seems that the feud has shifted focus to Conan vs. NBC. Earlier this week, Conan put out a statement directed at the network saying that he will no longer be a part of The Tonight Show if it’s moved from 11:30pm to 12:05am. From there, Conan has made his opening monologues over the past few nights directed towards NBC and their actions.

Yesterday, NBC made it official that Leno’s show will be moving to 11:30 after the Winter Olympics come to an end. They haven’t made it clear what the plans for Conan and his team will be, but some rumors have Conan being benched until his contract is up in three years.

In typical O’Brien form, the late night host doesn’t seem to want to go out without a fight. On last night’s show, Conan announced that he has put The Tonight Show up on Craig’s List for the best offer (or ColdPlay tickets).

The ad itself takes quite a few potshots at the network’s decision with lines like “This is a chance of a lifetime to own your very own late night talk show–guaranteed to last for up to seven months!!”. This is obviously done in jest, but the ad is very real on Craig’s List, and people are open to reply to the seller. With that in mind, who wants to own The Tonight Show?