Conan and NBC Strike a Deal

Conan and NBC Strike a Deal

conan-obrienEven though it seemed Conan O’Brien was getting kinda shafted by his corporate masters at NBC, it looks now like he’ll at least come out ok in one area: a big settlement. According to Yahoo News, NBC is confirming that they have reached a deal with Conan O’Brien and the check has quite a few digits on it.

According to the terms of the deal, Conan’s last show will be this Friday night and NBC has agreed to pay Conan and his staff $45 Million for their troubles. $32.5 Million will go to Conan himself while the rest of the money goes to his staff, most of whom moved to Los Angeles from New York with Conan to do the show.

Obviously, they thought the show would last longer than 7 months so it made sense to move to LA. That’s what they get for thinking, right? It’s also being reported elsewhere that as part of the terms of the deal Conan is allowed to take very few elements of the show with him should he choose to go to another network. Let’s just hope the Masturbating Bear is one of them he can take.

Jay Leno returns to The Tonight Show on March 1.

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