First Look At The 'Tron Legacy' Yellow Lightcycle

First Look At The ‘Tron Legacy’ Yellow Lightcycle

Untitled-1Avatar may be raking in zillions of dollars week after week, but we like to look to the future of IMAX and 3D, as Disney is getting set to release Tron Legacy in December of this year. The effects alone should bring in plenty of Avatar super fans to the theater, not to mention the generation that grew up with the first Tron, who will undoubtedly bring their families to the sequel.

While some of us got an up-close encounter with the blue lightcycle from the upcoming Tron Legacy back in July, we were still hungry for more..well, more colored lightcycles, frankly. Finally, we’ve got another pic to salivate over.

Tron Legacy, starring Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, John Hurt, and Garrett Hedlund, hits theaters on December 17th.

Our pals over at MTV Movies Blog have got the exclusive first look at the sleek new lightcycle, which you can check out after the jump. We’ve seen yellow and blue, when do we get a glimpse at the other colors?