Disney Releases New Character Posters For 'Toy Story 3'

Disney Releases New Character Posters For ‘Toy Story 3’

1sheet12While Disney may be closing it’s doors to one of their studios, we can expect to see plenty more from the giant as they plan for one of their biggest release years in some time. First up may be Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, but where some fans may be excited for that, there are many more for the upcoming Toy Story 3.

The upcoming sequel will be the first time that Pixar and Disney would return to the franchise since 1999, and nearly 15 years since it got kick-started with the first film. The whole gang will be back this time, with the exception of Jim Varney, who passed in 2000.

This time around, the toys find a new home as Andy moves to college. They find out what life is like from the clutches of toddlers in a day care…and it’s not pretty. With a script from Little Miss Sunshine’s Michael Arndt, the film is set for a release (in both IMAX and Disney’s trademarked 3-D) on June 8th.

In the meantime, check out some neat new character posters for the film, starring some of our favorite toys, after the jump.

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