EXCLUSIVE: Billy Zane And Tina Majorino Talk ‘The Deep End’

The world of hour-long legal dramas have had a strange relationship with ABC in the past. From their lengthy term with The Practice, to the even longer relationship with the spin-off, Boston Legal, the network seems to give more of a chance to programming that revolves around the courtroom.

With that in mind comes the newest mid-season show, The Deep End. The show brings in an interesting twist on the established genre, focusing more on the lives of the up-and-coming lawyers, with the named partners taking more of a supporting role.

We recently got a chance to sit down with famed actors Billy Zane (Titanic, The Phantom) and Tina Majorino (Waterworld, Corinna Corinna) about their roles, what attracted them to the show in the first place, and where they see their characters going.

Check out the interview after the jump, and be sure to catch The Deep End on ABC every Thursday at 8/7C.

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