Thomas Lennon Gives A Brief History Of 'That's What She Said'

Thomas Lennon Gives A Brief History Of ‘That’s What She Said’

The phrase “That’s what she said” has had more of a roller coaster career in the in the past 20 years than John Travolta’s career, but one thing can still be said for the former, it’s still funny.

Nobody really remembers where the phrase came from, but we do remember when it became immortal with Wayne’s World in 1992. From there, it had it’s resurgence in the later 90s for some time, and then brought back in a big way with Steve Carrell’s performance on NBC’s The Office.

Now that Thomas Lennon is in between projects, with Reno 911! coming to an end and his new series getting picked up on NBC, he now has the time to uncover these buried questions, and that’s just what he did.getting picked up

He recently tracked down the woman who allegedly invented the phrase, and finally got some answers. Check out the completely satirical exposé, thanks to our pals at Funny Or Die, after the jump.