What You Missed: 'Community', '30 Rock' and More

What You Missed: ‘Community’, ’30 Rock’ and More

Once again with last night’s lineup of comedies, NBC proved they are a force to be reckoned with on Thursday nights. And if you missed any of the shows, which include Community, Rock and Parks and Recreation, you’re in luck because we’ve got highlights of all of the shows to share with you right here. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about The Office as we already had a full recap of that show earlier today.

On Community, Jeff and Slater hit a rough patch but Britta saves the relationship by playing some touching moments from a drunken voicemail that Jeff left her. See how Valentine’s Day ended for Jeff and the rest of the gang in last night’s episode highlights. On 30 Rock, Jenna finds out her stalker has been seeing someone else and Liz deals with Valentine’s day by scheduling oral surgery. Of course, that doesn’t go exactly as planned. Plus, the awesome Elizabeth Banks shows up to give Jack (Alec Baldwin) a run for his money.

Finally, on Parks and Recreation, Andy dreams of being a rockstar were slightly derailed last night as his band was relegated to playing at the senior center. He wants to know how his band sounds, but how does he find out?

Check out all the highlights and some deleted scenes, after, you guessed it, the jump.


The Perfect Boyfriend
Britta comes to Jeff’s defense and proves to Slater that he really is into her.

The Lady Suits
Troy is left behind by Chang and Pierce as they ride off together on his scooter.

30 Rock

Anna Howard Shaw Day
Jenna accepts the news that her longest relationship is ending.

Donaghy Uncovered: Jack’s Winning Streak
Jonathan reveals the secret of how Jack Donaghy keeps his “edge.”

Parks and Recreation

Ladies Love Mouse Rat
Andy is worried about how the band’s performance will be measured at the Senior Center Valentine’s Day dance.

Galentine’s Day
Leslie introduces Ann to some of her veteran Galentine’s Day gals.