X10: 'Dead Rising 2' Set to Hit Shelves August 31 With Exclusive XBox 360 Prologue

X10: ‘Dead Rising 2’ Set to Hit Shelves August 31 With Exclusive XBox 360 Prologue

After just over a year since the announcement of Dead Rising, Capcom announced at X10 that Dead Rising 2 would be coming to North America for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on August 31st. In addition, the game will hit Japanese shelves on September 2nd and Europe on September 3rd.

In addition, XBox 360 owners will receive an exclusive downloadable prologue to the game entitled Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO. CASE ZERO will give players an introduction to the series new front man Chuck Green and help bridge the gap between the events of Frank West and the outbreak of Willamette, CO in Dead Rising to Dead Rising 2’s Fortune City setting.

In addition, Capcom revealed at X10 a new mechanic to Dead Rising‘s gameplay where players would be able to combine a variety of weapons together to create even more fearsome combinations. It looks like the chainsaw motorcycle we saw a few months ago was just a hint of what is to come with these deadly weapons combos.

Dead Rising 2 looks to prove that the most important item on the planet is duct tape as it can be used to attach knives to boxing gloves, gas canisters to water guns and garden rakes to car batteries in an effort to eviscerate and mutilate in very creative ways, while still trying to stay alive at the same time.

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