Michael Trucco Goes From Cylon to Resistance Leader In 'V'

Michael Trucco Goes From Cylon to Resistance Leader In ‘V’

Battlestar Galactica veteran Michael Trucco is going from playing Starbuck’s husband and one of the “Final Five” Cylons on that show to playing a lizard alien on ABC’s V. He will be taking on the role of “mysterious resistance leader” John May for at least one episode when the show returns next month.

As you may know if you watch the show, May is the founder and leader of the Fifth Column, a group of Vs who are fighting against their race’s plans for the domination of Earth and humanity. Ryan (Morris Chestnut), a sleeper V who has been on Earth since before the Visitors arrived, once was involved in the resistance and worked with May.

Now he and humans Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) are attempting to resurrect the Fifth Column, with the help of May, and hopefully bring an end to the V’s plans for world domination. Sounds like a plan. Let’s hope they succeed.

V will return to ABC on March 30 with eight new episodes. Hopefully, it won’t go away again for three months after that, which is a pretty odd strategy if you’re trying to build an audience for a show.

So far, Trucco is set to appear as John May in an episode airing on April 13, but I’m sure if he does well and audiences respond, you can expect to see a lot more of him.

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