Maggie Grace's 'Shannon' Returning to 'LOST'

Maggie Grace’s ‘Shannon’ Returning to ‘LOST’

With ABC’s LOST about to air its fourth episode of the final season next Tuesday, we’ve already seen the reappearance of a couple characters who disappeared or died. First, Charlie  (Dominic Monaghan) showed up in the alterative timeline where the characters’ never went to the island, then Boone (Ian Somerhalder) made an appearance on the plane sitting near Locke and finally Claire (Emilie de Ravin) showed up in a cab with Kate.

Now, we can add Maggie Grace and her character Shannon to the list of characters making a reappearance on the show. If you recall, Shannon was killed during season two after her and Sayeed had expressed their feelings for each other. Now, Grace’s character will return for an unspecified number of episodes.

Of course, the show’s producers are keeping her story under wraps but rest assured, it will be something interesting. . . especially for Sayeed. Also, in case you’re keeping track, Harold Perrineau, Cynthia Watros, and Rebecca Mader are among the other dearly departed who will appear in LOST’s sixth and final season.

What, no Ana Lucia?

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