X10: 'Crackdown 2' Screenshots

X10: ‘Crackdown 2’ Screenshots

With all the info we got from X10, we can’t forget the new screenshots for Ruffian Games’ sci-fi sandbox shooter Crackdown 2. Without even looking at the added hype Crackdown received due to the inclusion of the Halo 3 multiplayer beta, the game was a critical and commercial success.

Now, taking lessons learned from the first game and kicking up the superhero-esque themes to the next level, Crackdown 2 looks ready to emerge as one of the top XBox 360 exclusives of 2010. Now featuring zombie freaks as opposed to the relatively “normal” enemies of the last game, the Agency needed to turn up the juice with some new weapons, armor and vehicles.

Dune buggies with added turrets, overcharged gauntlets for hand to hand combat and even a fully armed helicopter now help protect the streets of Crackdown 2. Take a look at some of the screens just released from X10 and of course stay tuned right here for more coverage of Crackdown 2.