Game Trailer: 'Red Steel 2' for Wii

Game Trailer: ‘Red Steel 2’ for Wii

When the Wii was first announced and its motion control capabilities were described, two things instantly came to the minds of hardcore gamers: guns and swords. A game where you could either swing a Wiimote like a broadsword or aim down the sights of a machine gun, the fit seemed so obvious for what was being told to them. To add to this hype, Ubisoft announced Red Steel which actually combined BOTH aspects in to one game.

When the Wii finally came out, gamers found out Nintendo’s claims, and the Wiimotes, weren’t entirely accurate. Instead of the one to one movement that was expected, waggle controls led the first wave of Wii titles and left hardcore gamers wanting more from titles like Red Steel while the casual gamers like soccer moms and senior citizens developed a love for Wii Sports.

Now, with the Wii Motion Plus which lets the Wii get closer to fulfilling its original promises, developer Ubisoft is taking a second stab at Red Steel. Coming March 25th, Red Steel 2 looks to correct the control problems the first game suffered due to the limitations of the Wii and bring its mature styled gameplay to the ever hungry hardcore audience that has been waiting patiently for the system’s next big hit.

According to the trailer below Red Steel 2 looks like it will be dropping the original’s modern setting for a wild west adventure. Take a peek and let us know what you think in the comments section and as always, stick to the Flickcast for more news as it becomes available.