Coen Bros’ 'True Grit' Remake Finds Its Heroine

Coen Bros’ ‘True Grit’ Remake Finds Its Heroine

The Coen Brothers’ latest film, a remake of the 1969 western True Grit, has found its Mattie Ross, the spunky teen who enlists the aid of alcoholic US marshal Rooster Cogburn to avenge her father’s murder. The role, played by Kim Darby in the original, will be filled by relative newcomer Hailee Steinfeld.

With two short films and a small role on the cancelled FOX sitcom Back to You, Steinfeld will certainly have her work cut out for her taking on the major role of Ross, described by the casting call as “tough, strong, and [telling] it like it is”–to say nothing of working with Hollywood heavyweights the Coens.

The casting of Steinfeld also comes after several other casting announcements, including Matt Damon as La Beouf, a Texas Ranger who joins forces with Ross and Cogburn (and played by Glen Campbell in the original); Josh Brolin as killer Tom Chaney (originally played by Jeff Corey); and Jeff Bridges as Rooster. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in the spring with a tentative release date of December 2010.

The original film, based on a 1968 novel by author Charles Portis, starred John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn, a role so popular it earned Wayne an Oscar (his only win) as well as a sequel, Rooster Cogburn, which also starred Katherine Hepburn as an elderly spinster.

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  • gilbert
    October 27, 2010 at 4:20 am

    John Wayne,
    really there only one Mr Wayne!
    That took talent to think this up.

  • Kilburn Hall
    October 19, 2010 at 3:25 am

    There seems to be a pissing contest among new young Hollywood directors to remake a movie better than the original director. That would account for the many horribile remakes we have seen on the big screen of late. True Grit was not one of John Wayne’s best westerns (Rio Grande, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon) but it was the only movie that won Wayne an Oscar and Wayne’s performance as Rooster Cogburn forever etched in the movie going publics mind. Remaking True Grit is a horrible idea and Jeff Bridges whose performance as Wild Bill Hickok put me to sleep, walks through this movie and sounds like he has a mouth full of shit. True Grit was also Glen Campbell’s breakout movie as Texas Ranger La Bouef. Matt Damon might have been good as muscle bound hitman Jason Bourne but he has none of the charm that Glenn Campbell brought to the role. This Cohen brothers mistake will most likely win a Rasberry for one of the worst films of 2010.
    Kilburn Hall
    American Author