Get A Sneak Peek At Tonight's 'Caprica'

Get A Sneak Peek At Tonight’s ‘Caprica’

Okay, I’ll admit it. At first, I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Syfy’s spin-off of Battlestar Galactica, otherwise known as Caprica. The pilot was good but once the show got going, it kinda took a down turn. I know it’s probably blasphemy to say this and it’s probably mostly due to my love of BSG that Caprica seemed to pale in comparison. But now, thank the Gods, this show has found its way and had vastly improved to be one of the best shows on TV.

To get you ready for tonight’s all new episode entitled “The Imperfections of Memory,” our friends at Syfy have given us a promo for the episode and we are, of course, sharing it with you right now. Also, because we care, we’ve also included a recap of last week’s episode “Know Thy Enemy” to help set the stage for tonight.

Also, before I forget, I need to mention that Syfy is hosting a Caprica mini-marathon today, starting at 2PM EST, beginning with the Pilot and airing all subsequent episode suntil the new one premieres tonight. Is that cool, or what? Now you can see the progression of the show from the beginning and gain a greater appreciation of how much the show has improved.

Check out both videos after the jump. The brand new episode of Caprica airs tonight at 9/8C on Syfy.

Caprica – Preview of “The Imperfections of Memory”

Caprica – Recap of “Know Thy Enemy”