Get Ready For The Future With The First Ever Interactive Horror Film

Get Ready For The Future With The First Ever Interactive Horror Film

Every once and awhile, a groundbreaking idea creeps into the world of film and has experts and connoisseurs puzzled at exactly how it will play out to a mass audience. Whether it’s something like 3D that hits it big, or something that flops like “4D”, there is always room for new ideas and potential leaps in technology when it comes to the theatrical experience.

13th Street, a production company out of Germany, has recently tested out their newest project, which combines the classic horror film with the interactivity of a modern game show. Each viewer uses their cell phone to call in to the service and at the beginning of the film, one of them is chosen at random to “speak directly” with the film’s protagonist. From there, that person gives voice commands that dictate which direction the character will go, and what they will say.

Obviously, there are some pretty big potential flaws with this idea, such as “who wants to watch a movie when it’s encouraged for some jerk to scream at the screen?” or “why would I spend money for somebody else to interact with the film?” These are all valid points, which means that we could still be years away from seeing this project take off internationally.

The sheer idea that something like this is on the way only means that we’re getting that much closer to a Back to the Future 2-like lifestyle, which is exciting in it’s own right. Check out the trailer for Last Call and see exactly how it all works after the jump.

  • Diane Panosian
    March 16, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Back to the Future Part 2 is one step closer! Now, where’s my hover car?

    This is a really interesting concept especially since my favorite books as a kid where “Choose Your Own Adventure”. This could be used in other genres as well. Instead of just one person choosing the fate of the character, I would do a voting style multiple-choice system using your cell phone.