Take A Peek At This Week's 'Destination Truth' and 'Ghost Hunters'!

Take A Peek At This Week’s ‘Destination Truth’ and ‘Ghost Hunters’!

A few days ago I raved about SyFy’s reality show Destination Truth, and hopefully inspired a few more of you to put it on your DVR or TIVO. In case my enthusiasm wasn’t enough to convince you, SyFy has sent us a clip of next week’s Destination Truth, where Gates and his crew investigate the Great Wall of China.  I was hoping the clip would be of a hilarious cultural misunderstanding or bout of food poisoning, but it’s of Gates brushing up against a possible entity.

If you’ve never seen the show before, you might find yourself sneering at Gates’ goosebumps, but don’t judge too hastily. He’s actually a hard man to shake. Judge its night vision eeriness for yourself.

Along spookier lines, SyFy has also included a clip of next week’s Ghost Hunters, which finds  TAPS doing its usual thing, and investigating some paranormal activity in New Jersey.   (New Jersey may not be as exotic as China, but it’s just as colorful in its own way, right?)  Watch them try to solve the mystery of the climbing EMF reading. Red-blooded males will probably appreciate it’s the two lovely ghost hunting ladies that are doing the investigating.

Is any of it for real? Who knows.  It’s good fun, anyway.  I’m not a fan of reality television, but SyFy has me hooked with all these investigations into pseudo-science.  Plus, I saw Gates kiss a cobra on an Egyptian episode.   Seeing someone risk death for a laugh and vaguely educational purposes  is worth a Wednesday night.

The clips are embedded below. Thanks to SyFy for sending them to us!

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