'Evil Dead' In 60 Seconds With Clay

‘Evil Dead’ In 60 Seconds With Clay

Sometimes when you’re looking around the far reaches of the Internets you find a lot of videos and whatnot that are, well, not really that interesting. For every Star Wars Kid there’s a USA Busty Adventure #3 that just doesn’t sit right. Fortunately, this time around we’ve found quite a treat for you.

Seeing as how we’re big fans of Sam Raimi’s work and loved the Evil Dead series of movies we’ve always wondered how they could possibly be improved upon. One thing we never thought of was to do Evil Dead in 60 seconds using clay. Fortunately, filmmaker Lee Hardcastle has done just that and shared his claymation creation over at Vimeo.

The video tells the entire Evil Dead story in a minute and allows you to experience the film in a new and funny way. Plus, claymation Bruce Campbell rocks.

Check out the video after the jump.