What You Missed: 'Chuck', 'Trauma', 'Law & Order' And More

What You Missed: ‘Chuck’, ‘Trauma’, ‘Law & Order’ And More

In case you were busy last night and were not able to catch the great dramas on NBC, including Chuck, Trauma, Law & Order and more, we’ve got highlights from the shows for you today. Starting with one of our favorites, Chuck, the clips highlights a fight between our hero and some tough guys which results in a precarious predicament for Chuck.

On Trauma, Nancy realizes she’s got to do whatever it takes if she really wants to be a doctor. For Law & Order, Lupo and Bernard go head-to-head with McCoy after clashing over how to handle a case. Plus, we’ve got a preview of next week’s show featuring guest star Tony Hale in a dramatic role as a father involved in a bitter international custody battle.

Finally, on Jimmy Fallon, Human Target‘s Mark Valley drops by to talk about his love of Civil War reenactments and also he shows Jimmy how throw a fake punch. Being a pretty good action guy on the show, he should know.

Check out all the videos after the break.


Steaming Up
Chuck takes on two steamy muscle men to find the mole–which results him hanging out on a balcony.


Wake up call
After a patient dies, Nancy realizes that if she wants to be a doctor, she’s going to have to do the time.

Law & Order

Four Cops Shot
The team clashes in this controversial case.

Preview: Brazil
The detectives become involved in an ugly custody battle. Guest starring Tony Hale.

Late Night

Mark Valley, War Reenactor
Mark Valley tells Jimmy about his plans to participate in a reenactment of the Battle of Ogdensburg.

Mark Valley Fake Fighting Lesson
Mark Valley shows Jimmy how to throw and react to a fake punch.