Check Out A Preview of Tonight's 'The Sarah Silverman Program'

Check Out A Preview of Tonight’s ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’

I’m going to come out and say I’ve got a geek crush on Sarah Silverman. Sure, she may not be what some people would think of as hot, but her combination of looks, brains and humor make for a deadly mix indeed — at least in my humble opinion. I just know she would be great to hang out with and obviously, her mind is probably right there in the gutter along with mine. What more could you ask for in a woman?

So, it is with great interest that I watch her tv series on Comedy Central, aka The Sarah Silverman Program. And now, we’ve got a little preview of tonight’s episode for you right here. In the preview, Sarah feels that Steve’s request to see a jam band puts a strain on their friendship. But then he plays the favor card and things go wrong from there.

The Sarah Silverman Program airs tonight at 12am / 11c on Comedy Central. Until then, check out the preview after the jump.

The Sarah Silverman Program Thursday, 12am / 11c
Preview – Jam Band Favor
  • AZKay
    May 4, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Joe…I’ll admit I have a Lady Crush on Sarah Silverman. She’s everything I’d have been 30-40 years ago if I’d had the guts. Well, I didn’t have the beauty; I had the cute…and I had been a bedwetter. Sarah will go on to greater things. She’s a fabulous talent. And me…I’m slowing down. I’ll be 70 next month. Think that’s too old for her. Neither one of us is a Lesbian, so our relationship will have to be of a higher level.

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