Get A Sneak Peek At the Premiere of The New 'Doctor Who'

Get A Sneak Peek At the Premiere of The New ‘Doctor Who’

Yes Doctor Who fans I can feel your excitement as the premiere of the new series is just around the corner. To commemorate this joyous event our friends at the BBC have graciously sent us a couple of videos we’re going to share with you today.

The first one is especially cool in that it gives us a first look at the actual premiere episode by featuring the first few minutes of the episode itself. We’ve also got a video featuring interviews with the cast and creators talking about the premiere.

All of your soon-to-be-favorite cast and crew members are included such as Karen Gillan, Steven Moffat and, of course, the Doctor himself Matt Smith. From what I’ve seen of the videos and the other tidbits we’ve had in the past, the new Doctor Who looks to be pretty exciting indeed.

Check out both videos after the jump. The new season of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, April 17th at 9/8C on BBC America.

Doctor Who: First Moments of the Series Premiere

The Doctor has just regenerated and the TARDIS spins crazily out of control, plummeting towards Earth. What happens next? Find out on the season premiere.

Doctor Who: Preview with Cast and Creators

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Steven Moffat, and Piers Wenger discuss the importance and meaning of Doctor Who, and all the adventure, excitement, and magic the show embodies.

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