Harrison Ford Joining The Good Fight In 'Cowboys and Aliens'?

Harrison Ford Joining The Good Fight In ‘Cowboys and Aliens’?

While Harrison Ford is still sitting back in his chair, maniacally laughing at what he did to millions of Indiana Jones fans with the last film (I’m only assuming it was done with nefarious intentions), he has been pretty laid back on the “getting a job” front.

After a few bombs like Extraordinary Measures, Firewall, and Hollywood Homicide, one would think that the actor would make Oscar-worthy career moves like his peers Bill Murray or Jack Nicholson. Instead, it seems he’s possibly taking the more popular route, and signing to do a comic book film.

In a recent article from Latino Review, they threw out the statement that Ford is about to join a “huge comic book movie to be directed by a director coming off a soon to be released huge comic book movie.”

With hard-hitting journalism like this, we’re led to believe that Ford is either going to be cast in Christopher Nolan’s Superman, or Jon Favreau’s upcoming Cowboys and Aliens.

Yesterday, Favreau tweeted that “Some very cool Cowboys & Aliens casting news coming soon…” which means that the latter scenario would be more likely (though who wouldn’t want to see Ford as Perry White or Jor-El?).

While all of this is speculation at this point, we expect to hear from officials about the “very cool” casting news soon. Until then, we’ll just have to wait for Indiana Jones 5: The Curse Of The Irredeemable Franchise.

Cowboys and Aliens is based on the comic by Mark Fergus, with Damon Lindelof (LOST) co-writing the screenplay. Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde are currently set to star, and the film is slated for a July 29th release date next year.

  • scotty james dio
    April 6, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    If Harrison Ford is in Cowboys and Aliens I will definitely see it! I’ve never read the comic book but it sounds like the perfect role for Ford who is the perfect action star! And Crystal Skull was a great movie! It wasn’t the best of the series but if you didn’t like it you should check your pulse.