Apple Unveils iPhone OS 4.0 Details

Apple Unveils iPhone OS 4.0 Details

Today in a special event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed brand new details on the next version of Apple’s iPhone OS. The new version, which will be called OS 4.0, brings many features users had been hoping for as well as some new ones they never thought of. The new software will be released to developers today but you’ll have to wait until Summer to enjoy it on your iPhones once it officially is released.

Here’s some of what you can expect when the OS 4.0 Update hits the street:


People have been asking for it and now Apple is going to deliver. You’ll be able to work on one application while using another in the background. Switching between the two will be quick. Plus, Apple says having several applications running in the background won’t effect performance of the iPhone. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.


iPhone OS 4.0 brings the iPhone’s email capabilities in line with its desktop Mail application. Global inboxes are now part of the iPhone as well as the ability to sort emails by threads and open attachments in specific apps.


iPhone OS 4.0 supports multiple Exchange accounts as well as adding support for Exchange Server 2010. Data protection has also received an update with mobile device management, wireless ad-hoc app distribution, and SSL VPN support.

iBooks on the iPhone is basically the same as on the iPad. You buy books through the iBookstore and can sync them across whatever portable Apple devices you own. Your bookmarks are wirelessly synchronized across your array of devices as well.

Game Center
Apple now has its own version of Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. The Game Center offers services like leaderboards, game achievements and the ability to make and keep tabs on friends.

Folder Storage

You can now have up to 2,160 apps on your iPhone through the use of folders. Plus, full access to photos and video as well.

Wireless App Distribution

Companies that create custom in-house apps no longer need to distribute via wired network (i.e. connecting your iPhone to iTunes). Employees can now install the apps from anywhere, anytime . . . as long as they have WiFi or a strong 3G signal. So, as long as they have WiFi I guess.

Homescreen Wallpaper, Bluetooth Keyboards

The iPhone and iPod touch will get these features that are now on the iPad.


Developers get 60% of the ad revenue by adding interactive iAds to their apps. You can add fully interactive advertisements without taking people out of your app. They also are coded in HTML 5 so take that Adobe.

  • Chris
    April 8, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    I liked everything mentioned in here EXCEPT iAds and the universal inbox. Those two things stink! I like having separate inboxes for my work and personal email. I don’t want the two mixed up. I also like the fact that all my apps right now are add free.

    Apple has been disappointing me recently. The iPad is awful and the new iPhone OS is not that great. Is Apple in a slump? Get it in gear Mr. Jobs!

  • Westcoast Guy
    April 8, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Well, not bad for a fourth upgrade.

    Still no FLASH support (ID-10-T’s) though.

    Still can not delete a song when using the iPod application on my iPhone (really silly missing feature). You can delete a video, why not a song?