Two More Clips From 'Kick-Ass' Surface

Two More Clips From ‘Kick-Ass’ Surface

While a few of The Flickcast team  got to see Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of the popular comic Kick-Ass at SXSW, the rest of us are still pretty excited for its US release next Friday. We’ve been bringing you some great stuff from the film, including clips and the official music video, so why not bring you even more?

We’ve got two brand new clips that are hot from the studio, waiting for you to check out. In one, Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) enters into his very first fight and, well, gets his ass kicked. You can pick up on Vaughn’s British directing influence here, as Prodigy’s “Omen” plays in the background.

In the second clip, Dave Lizewski decides to don the costume of his heroic alter ego in order to surprise and impress the girl of his dreams, played by Hot Tub Time Machine’s Lyndsy Fonseca. Things get a big violent from there.

Check out the two new clips after the jump, and be sure to catch Kick-Ass when it hits theaters next Friday.