First Trailer For Ryan Reynolds As 'Paper Man'

First Trailer For Ryan Reynolds As ‘Paper Man’

While half of the geek community is ranting about Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and the other half is gushing about Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, there seems to be a third fictional hero victorious in getting the first release. That hero? Paper Man.

In a plot that conjoins Superman with Drop Dead Fred, Paper Man is about a boy (Jeff Daniels) who’s best friend is a superhero (Reynolds) he created in his mind. The boy grows up to become a failed writer who can’t let his childhood go. Along the way he meets a girl (Emma Stone), who shows him that being an adult isn’t all that bad.

The script comes from Kieran and Michelle Mulroney, brother and sister-in-law of actor Durmot Mulroney. While we still may be months off before we get to see Reynolds’ CG Green Lantern costume, we do get to check him out in a faux-Superman suit with bleached blonde hair.

Check out the first trailer for the film after the jump, and be sure to catch Paper Man in select theaters starting April 23rd.