Get Two More Sneak Peeks At Saturday's Premiere of 'Doctor Who'

Get Two More Sneak Peeks At Saturday’s Premiere of ‘Doctor Who’

The more I see previews for the new Doctor Who, the more I’m interested in this new version of the show. Sure, Matt Smith has yet to prove himself a worthy successor to great Doctors of the past, but he does seem to have something going for him. Plus, what I’ve seen of his feisty sidekick Amy Pond (played by Karen Gilllan), she seems very capable, cute and, well, feisty — which doesn’t hurt one bit.

So, to help you get more interested in the show too, we’ve been bringing you all sorts of information about it for the last couple months. Today is no exception as we’ve got two more videos, one interview and one featuring footage from the premiere episode, to share with you.

In the first one, the cast and production team discuss the Doctor’s particular attachment to humans and why he seems to love Planet Earth in a special way. In the other video, the Doctor meets his new sidekick, Amy Pond, for the first time and discovers she looks very nice in a police uniform and also can swing a mean cricket bat.

Doctor Who premiers this Saturday at 9/8C on BBC America. Before that, check out the two videos after the jump.

The Doctor’s Love for Humans

The Doctor Meets Amy