Release Date for Christopher Nolan's Next 'Batman' Film Set

Release Date for Christopher Nolan’s Next ‘Batman’ Film Set

Even though they’ve tried as long as possible to avoid releasing anything like “official” word on the film and haven’t really even confirmed one is coming at all, it seem Warner Bros. has finally decided to let the cat, er bat, out of the bag and give some information most everyone assumed was inevitable. The studio has set July 20, 2012 as the release date for the third Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie, the sequel to 2008’s The Dark Knight.

According to the report, the studio is in the very early stages of developing the film and director Nolan is still in post-production on the soon-to-be-released Inception, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio. However, Nolan is reportedly working on the story with scribe David Goyer. At the moment the film has no title and no start date but you would have to think it would start filming sometime late this year in order make it’s release date.

Summer 2012 looks to be a busy one with Batman 3 now having a release date. Other films scheduled to come out around that time include The Avengers on May 4, Battleship on May 25, the next Star Trek on June 29 and the reboot of Spider-Man on July 3. Should be an interesting few months indeed.

It goes without saying we’ll be watching all the developments of Batman 3 very closely and will bring you the news as soon as we get it.

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