Latest 'Blur' Multiplayer Trailer Arrives

Latest ‘Blur’ Multiplayer Trailer Arrives

I’m normally more of a first person shooter kind of a guy so when Activison and Bizarre Creations first announced their Blur racing game, I really wasn’t all that interested. However, after seeing all the inventive trailers, screenshots and having a chance to check out the game, I’ve changed my mind because this game looks, and is, pretty kick-ass and I hope it does well.

With that in mind, our friends at Activision have sent us another trailer for the game and, as always, we can’t wait to share it with you. Like last time, this one is another trailer showcasing the game’s multiplayer features. These features, and many more, have been able to be used during the game’s online miltiplayer beta which has been going on for some time.

The online beta, one of the most successful in Activision’s history with over one million downloads, will now add even more features including the following: the ability to play A-Class cars in standard playlists, an expanded Supercar Racing Playlist that include races in Tokyo and Amboy, Power-Ups that now shuffle so each race has different Power-Up placement and the ability for Players to earn double the amount of fans for each race.

These features, not coincidentally, are the ones highlighted in the trailer today. So, to check them out click through to watch it. Blur hits the streets in North America on May 25 and Europe on May 28.