New 'Alpha Protocol' Video: 'Developing Your Skills'

New ‘Alpha Protocol’ Video: ‘Developing Your Skills’

Following up on our announcement of Alpha Protocol going gold last week, Sega sent us over a trailer for the game which highlights some of the different tactics gamers are going to need to utilize to be successful in this cutting edge espionage RPG. In addition to strategy, the video gives a great peek at the visuals players should expect upon the game’s release.

Stealth, martial arts, and gunplay with both the assault rifle and pistol look to be the four main focuses of Alpha Protocol. From the looks of this trailer, Alpha Protocol is two parts Splinter Cell mixed with the Bourne Identity and even tosses in a little dash of Just Cause 2 for good measure. Needless to say, we like the sound of that recipe.

The trailer also gives some positive indications of the game. As much as we liked Just Cause 2 here at the Flickcast, we can’t defend the abysmal level of voice acting in the game. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like Alpha Protocol will suffer the same fate.

Take a peek below at the “Developing Your Skills” trailer and check back for more news on Alpha Protocol as it becomes available.