Comedy Central Cancels 'The Sarah Silverman Program'

Comedy Central Cancels ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’

Sad news for fans of The Sarah Silverman Program as Comedy Central has finally given the show the axe after three seasons. The show had been bounced back and forth in just about every possible timeslot over the past three years, but still wasn’t able to pull the ratings that the comedy cable network was hoping for.

The final deathblow was Comedy Centra’sl change of the show’s timeslot to Fridays at 10:30PM. Apparently it was hoping for an audience that either owned DVR’s or had no social lives. Co-creator Dan Harmon should be OK with the news, as he’s got a hit NBC series to cry about with Community. Rob Schrab may be a different story.

The series hit an all-time high last season with record ratings and even an Emmy nomination to lead Silverman. It seems that in a world where fans can squeeze another season out of networks with the power of Twitter (see Chuck and Dollhouse) they were no match to Comedy Central’s final word on the matter.

The network still plans to air reruns of the show until the broadcast contract is up at the end of the year, but beyond that, you will have to take solace in the first three season of The Sarah Silverman Progam on DVD.

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