Jimmy Kimmel Introduces New 'LOST' Based Game

Jimmy Kimmel Introduces New ‘LOST’ Based Game

Now that the countdown clock is ticking for the last episode of Lost to air (and everyone to be torn on the ending), even the most secretive of Lost fans are coming out of the woodwork to show their appreciation of the show in their own special ways. While Jimmy Kimmel is no secret fan, he’s certainly the most innovative.

Recapping this past week’s episode, Jimmy explained how Jacob and his mysteriously unnamed brother were stuck playing a simple game with white and black stones (signifying good vs. evil).

He then unveiled a brand new game, from the makers of Lost, which gives people stuck on an island for 2000 years a bit more to do. Check out the hilarious mock-commercial after the jump, and be sure to keep up as Lost counts down every Tuesday at 9PM on ABC.