Jacob From 'Lost' Pays a Visit To Jimmy Kimmel

Jacob From ‘Lost’ Pays a Visit To Jimmy Kimmel

Now that we’re counting down to the finale of Lost in just hours, it’s fair to say that everybody is throwing their hat into the ring of Lost fanaticism. Jimmy Kimmel is at the top of that list with new Lost material just about every night, and he’ll have even more as he hosts a final goodbye to the cast in a special episode Sunday night.

In the meantime, he’s still cranking out some pretty solid skits and packages with some great cameo appearances by actors from the show. We already brought you a hilarious clip of the Parker Bros’ version of the game that Jacob and the Man in Black play, and now Jimmy explains how Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) has touched his life.

Check out the clip after the jump of when Jacob visited a young Jimmy Kimmel in high school, and be sure to keep an eye on ABC starting at 7pm EST Sunday night, as the block of Lost and Jimmy Kimmel Live will be enough to satisfy even the biggest of Lost fanatics.