Netflix App for iPad Now Allows Video Out

Netflix App for iPad Now Allows Video Out

Sure, the iPad is a great device and has a really amazing screen. In fact, the screen is so good its a pleasure to watch streaming movie and TV content via apps like the one from Netflix. But what if you want to watch said content on your giant plasma screen at home so others can enjoy it too?

Well, you’re in luck because as of this week, the Netflix app has been updated to version 1.0.2 which now allows you to connect a TV and stream movie and TV content from your iPad for viewing. This is accomplished using Apple’s Dock Connector to VGA adapter for the iPad and an audio cable.

Before you get too excited, one caveat: The video output won’t be as good as what you would normally see on your TV. In fact, in some testing the video does not fill the screen and looks about as good as standard def content on an HD.

Still, it does give you an option you didn’t have before. Of course, to take advantage of this new feature you also have to purchase Apple’s $29.00 adaptor and some audio cable. So even though the Neflix app is free, the iPad and accessories aren’t. Welcome to the revolution.

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