Fan Film Friday: 'Iron Baby'

Fan Film Friday: ‘Iron Baby’

Though Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 is pretty far in the back of our collective minds by now, it’s still worth it when we come across an impressive fan film that pays homage to the multi-million dollar movie franchise. And really, who doesn’t love baby versions of your favorite characters?

It worked at a TV series for The Muppets, and even a (mildly) successful comic series for The X-Men. Now, it’s Tony Stark’s turn, as we introduce Iron Baby.

The concept is pretty straightforward. Super-genius baby who develops a suit to take down bad guys (in this case, evil Easter bunnies). The thing worth watching the video for is the CG work. The film was done by Patrick Boivin, with graphics done by the French company STROB.

Check out Iron Baby after the jump, which stars Boivin’s daughter. It’s pretty amusing, and quite visually impressive. Only one question remains at this point: How soon before Nickelodeon picks it up?