Cortney's TV Digest: What's On In June

Cortney’s TV Digest: What’s On In June

Last month’s television show finales like LOST, 24 and Chuck more were packed with emotional endings and incredible cliffhangers. But while there might not be many new TV shows on the horizon for June, it’s always nice to get a bunch of shows returning that you’ve been looking forward to.

The HBO Bunch

Summer is when HBO shines. This month we have returning True Blood, Hung, and Entourage, three of the network’s biggest shows of the entire year.

Last fall, True Blood ended with a cliffhanger, as the second Sookie agreed to marry Bill he completely disappeared. This season, things are sure to heat up between Sook and Eric in Bill’s absence, and with the arrival of werewolves Sookie’s loyalty is bound to be tested. True Blood returns Sunday June 14th at 10 PM.

The first season of Hung was absolutely amazing, and the show is no less relevant with America’s economy still in turmoil and in need of a few good laughs. Hung returns to HBO on June 27th.

Entourage is returning this summer for its seventh season, which will revolve around Vince’s new role in an apocalyptic drama. Expect to see some interesting guest stars including John Stamos, Bob Saget and Jessica Simpson. Vince and the rest of the gang also return to your TV on June 27th.

Burn Notice

USA’s hot drama Burn Notice returns for a fourth season this month. The show was recently renewed for a fifth and sixth season, so fans have much to be excited about in the spy world of Michael Weston.  Burn Notice returns on June 3rd.


Futurama ended back in 2003 after a run of five seasons. It then aired on Adult Swim for four years, and after spawning four direct-to-DVD movies and a move to Comedy Central, Futurama returns this month with 26 brand-new half hour long episodes.

It’ll be exciting to see Fry, Bender, Leela, and all the other aliens, robots, and creatures that make up the characters in Futurama in brand new episodes starting June 24th on Comedy Central.