Another New 'True Blood' Teaser Gives Us More Eric & Werewolves

Another New ‘True Blood’ Teaser Gives Us More Eric & Werewolves

HBO may only have a few shows to work with, but they definitely have their marketing strategy down to a tee. They know that fans everywhere are hungry (no pun intended) for the new season of True Blood, so they’ve given us a series of new webisodes, as well as a whole slew of new teasers and previews of the upcoming seasons.

We know that Bill is missing, Eric wants Sookie, and werewolves will be a prominent part in this season, but now we finally get a glimpse of what they look like. It looks like the obvious visual of having werewolves transform from furry dudes was not lost on Alan Ball and the showrunners over at True Blood.

The newest teaser gives us a bit more of these hirsuit antagonists, as well as some more Eric/Snookie action. Check out the newest spot after the jump, and be sure to keep an eye out for season 3 of True Blood starting June 13th on HBO.