Get Your First Look At Marvel's New 'X-Men' #1

Get Your First Look At Marvel’s New ‘X-Men’ #1

Now that Marvel has revamped their current state of continuity with the Heroic Age of comics, lots of books are getting a fresh start. One of the books we’re pretty excited for is the upcoming first issue of X-Men.

From Victor Gischler and Paco Medina, this revamp marks the first time there has been an X-Men #1 in nearly 20 years. According to a Marvel press release, the team will start things off with a bang by fighting a threat that will “alter the ENTIRE Marvel Universe!” We’re pretty stoked for it, to say the least.

Gischler is has been one of the lead writers for Deadpool over the past few years, including Merc With The Mouth and Deadpool Corps. He’s also currently working on The Death of Dracula for Marvel. You may also remember Paco Medina’s art from many of the Deadpool books, as well as New X-Men and a few others.

In celebration of this major issue, Marvel is releasing several variant covers, including a blank cover (at right), a varient by Medina, John Romita Jr., and even one by Thor artist Marko Djurdjevic.

Check out a few sneak preview images from the book after the jump, and be sure to pick up X-Men #1 on sale July 8th.