David Tennant and Christopher Mintz-Plasse Join 'Fright Night' Reboot

David Tennant and Christopher Mintz-Plasse Join ‘Fright Night’ Reboot

Previously, we brought you the first info on the upcoming reboot of the classic horror film Fright Night along with some early casting news. Now, the number of actors in the new film has increased by two. According to Heat Vision, David Tennant, best known for the BBC series Doctor Who and Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Superbad and Kick-Ass fame have joined the film.

The two actors are now part of a cast which already includes Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and Toni Colette who are playing Charlie, an evil vampire and Charlie’s disbelieving Mom respectively. Tennant will play Peter Vincent, a late-night horror show host made famous by the late Roddy McDowall in the original film. In the rebooted version, Tennant instead plays a Las Vegas magician whose act centers on horror movie images.

Vincent, of course, claims to be a vampire expert, but when Charlie asks him for help with Colin Farrell’s evil vampness and his Mom’s recent attraction to the vamps, it turns out his vampire hunting skills leave something to be desired. Mintz-Plasse will star as Charlie’s friend, Evil Ed, who feels slighted when Charlie leaves his nerdy past, and his friend, behind. As revenge, Ed joins the vampires and becomes a nemesis for Charlie.

The film, written by former Buffy scribe Mari Noxon and directed by Craig Gillespie, is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2011.