'Wax On, F*ck Off' With Ralph Macchio

‘Wax On, F*ck Off’ With Ralph Macchio

We get a lot of parody videos sent to us here at The Flickcast and many of them don’t usually make the cut. After all, we have pretty high standards here. We can’t show just any video to you. It has to be funny. Fortunately, the folks over at Funny or Die have done it again. The subject this time: perpetual nice guy actor Ralph Macchio.

In this new video, a fake trailer for a documentary that chronicles Macchio’s struggle to shed his nice guy image so he can get more work in Hollywood, the actor is given an intervention by his family and friends to help him become that bad boy. We see Macchio struggle to overcome his inherent niceness and try to fit in with the other celebrities who’ve enjoyed long careers and have also been known for their less than clean image.

It’s hard to say which parts of this video are the funniest. It’s probably one of the best parody videos of its kind we’ve seen in a long time. Plus, it shows a actor who although content to live his life in happiness actually needs to get back to work. Ralph Macchio needs a comeback. Maybe Quentin Tarantino can do for him what he did for John Travolta?

Check out the awesome video after the jump.