E3 2010: 'Comic Jumper' Trailer and Demo Footage

E3 2010: ‘Comic Jumper’ Trailer and Demo Footage

You should know that we are big fans of studio Twisted Pixel’s past creations ‘Splosion Man and The Maw. Since the reveal of Comic Jumper,  we have been following news of the title closely as well. With E3 upon us, Twisted Pixel has unleashed a slew of information regarding the game.

First off, in addition to the Modern, Fantasy and Silver Age levels, the final theme will be Manga which according to the trailer below looks hilarious in the team’s take on this twisted genre. In addition, since Twisted Pixel likes to use current titles to complement previous ones, there will be two unlockable levels to ‘Splosion Man that can be earned over the course of Comic Jumper.

Comic Jumper will be featured on the E3 show floor with a demo of their silver age story, The Improbable Paper Pals, which can be seen in one of the videos below.

After the jump, check out a ton of new artwork for the game as well as its official E3 Trailer and The Improbable Paper Pals level demo.