Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo 3DS

Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo 3DS

True to form, Nintendo revealed their newest handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, at today’s E3 press conference, and the console was met with much fanfare, and dinosaur roaring. Before today, we knew little about how the console worked, what it would look like, and what would differentiate it from the previous Nintendo DS other than the 3D graphics. While Nintendo’s press conference left something to be desired, as they really couldn’t demonstrate the 3DS’ power unless you were there in person to check out the device, we’ve still got a lot more information than we had before and we’re ready to share it with you.

First and foremost, the Nintendo 3DS will feature 3D graphics without the use of the typically seen 3D glasses. This will be featured in the 3.5″ LCD screen on the top of the console, while the bottom screen remains a touch panel without 3D graphics. As well as offering 3D graphics, the console’s graphics will be significantly more advanced than the previous handhelds.

On the outside of the device there will be two cameras for 3D picture taking as well as a camera inside, and on the side of the device will be a slider to adjust the 3D graphics. The console will feature an analog stick, called a “slide pad”, something we’ve never seen on a Nintendo handheld before. As usual, the 3DS also features the standard D-pad, the X B A and Y buttons, and beneath them the power button. The device now has the “start” and “select” buttons below the touchscreen, with a third shortcut for the “home” screen added between them.

The Nintendo 3DS apparently has some interesting features, including being able to watch 3D movies such as Legends of the Guardians. The wi-fi features have also been updated, making it easier to connect to other 3DS or wi-fi hot spots in the area even if the 3DS is in sleep mode.

This should be a handy feature, as connecting to other consoles and the internet on the Nintendo DS and DSi was always a huge pain. The device will be available in blue and black, red and black, and standard black, though we’re unsure all these colors will be available at launch.

More than 20 companies are developing for the 3DS, and some games and franchises to look forward to are Kid Icarus Uprising, Nintendogs, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter.

The Nintendo 3Ds has no release date and no price announced just yet.

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