Check Out A New Trailer For 'Middle Men'

Check Out A New Trailer For ‘Middle Men’

The world of internet pornography is certainly a gigantic one. It’s…entertained millions, if not trillions of consumers across the globe for nearly two decades, and even helped usher in a new world of digital consumerism. Where did it all get started? Well, the newest film Middle Men gives you the answers.

From writer/director George Gallo (Bad Boys, The Whole Ten Yards) comes this near biopic about the men who brought adult entertainment to the world wide web. The film stars Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, and Gabriel Macht (The Spirit), with some pretty great cameos along the way including Kelsey Grammer, James Caan, Martin Kove, and Kevin Pollack.

Check out the newest trailer for the film, which has the brilliantly simple tagline “getting in is easy, getting out is hard”, after the jump, and be sure to keep an eye out for Middle Men when it hits theaters on August 6th.